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Physical Computing, Creative Coding, Industrial Design, Sketching, 3D Mockups, Prototyping and Testing, Furniture Design

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As part of my graduate thesis for my MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons, I designed, prototyped and built an interactive art installation called Curio. This new media art piece was based on a series of fictional stories that are narrated through the eyes of Lola, the main character while also commenting critically on the everyday life in cubicle office spaces. Surreal artifacts inhabit the space and are designed in order for the public to interact with them


The booth: a transportation device into the story of Lola

The viewer will discovers Lola’s daily trials and tribulations through sounds and videos that react to objects embedded in the space.Little by little the public will connect the dots between bits and pieces of the story and realize that these objects are actually invented by Lola.Throughout the experience, the viewer will enter a fictional world where play, humor, drama and critical thinking will be combined into one singular experience.

3D Rendering
Curio at Parsons Gallery
Participants interacting with the installation

The artifacts: a dream-like experience in different colors, textures and materials

Look and feel sketches of the artifacts
Handmade Keyboard
Handmade Rotary Phone
Handmade Stressball

Interaction design and user experience diagram

Interaction Design Diagram


Visit our blog to learn more about the stories, the experience and the process we went through to make this happen.

Project done in collaboration with Daniela Gill

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