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Boinc: a music streaming and discovery startup in Venezuela came to me with an interesting challenge: design and implement a one page responsive website that promotes the company, the team and the product. Our client wanted a simple CMS that is easy to use update so we choose to build it on Webflow

I worked in collaboration with Studio Analogous which is design studio in Tribeca. My role was focused on creating the information architecture and establishing the messaging, visual look and feel, style guide, UI and implementing it on the CMS. A project manager, creative director and strategist oversaw the process.


Since the startup was new to the market in Venezuela, our challenge was to convey that Boinc was a different product and a different partner

How might we design one page website that promotes boinc's brand, product, team and company by following the brand guidelines?

Discover and Define

Our strategy team was responsible of understanding the business and capturing the sites requirements that I used to laid out the design of the site


During this the phase, we focused on the following tasks:

  • Preserve brand traits described in Brand Guidelines. Key traits include: flexible, carrier-centric, trustworthy, innovative, joy/energy.
  • Preserve typography and color guidelines in Brand Guidelines
  • Site weighted toward corporate audience but should not alienate consumers, particularly those look for customer support
  • Communicate energy through photos, which will also communicate the consumer experience.  Photos should feature people and mobile devices


One page, long scrolling layout with simple navigation that anchors the user to the designated section of the page

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